Cadillac Area Silent Observer Hosting Chili Cook-Off, Hockey Game Fundraiser

There’s a fun and unique event this weekend raising money for an organization that helps bring in tips for local law enforcement.

The Cadillac Area Silent Observer is hosting a chili cook-off, hockey game and silent auction Saturday night.

The event features chili from ten different restaurants and a hockey game between local law enforcement.

There’s also live entertainment throughout the night.

“It’s a real good opportunity, it’s family friendly, it’s $10 a person to get in at the door, it’s $25 to get in for a family, a lot of things going on, they’ll be all kinds of things to do if you’re not into hockey, you’re not into chili, you’re into one or you’re into the other, it’s really a way for us to get people to come out, see what Silent Observer is putting on for the, public, raise some awareness and raise some money,” said D/Sgt. Chris Piskor with the Wexford County Sheriff’s Office.

The event Saturday night at six at the Wexford County Civic Center.