State Releases Results of 2019 Pure Michigan Campaign

A day after kicking off the Pure Michigan Governor’s Conference, the state released new numbers on how well the campaign worked in 2019.

The Pure Michigan campaign started in 2006 and has evolved into one of the nation’s most successful tourism ad campaigns.

So let’s compare 2019’s numbers to 2018.

Last year, the campaign reached a little more than 49 million people, a slight drop from the year before.

The ads influenced 1.9 million trips to Michigan. Again, slightly less than 2018.

In those trips, visitors spent $2.3 billion and brought in $142 million in state tax revenue. Both stats not doing as hot in 2019 versus 2018.

Last year is also the first time Pure Michigan ran national ads promoting fall travel.


After being cut in the 2020 fiscal year budget, Pure Michigan funding is partially restored under the governor’s budget proposal for next year.

To check out the full report, click here.