GTPulse: Silver Fox Jewelry Mixes Traditional with Modern

What’s the etiquette on pawning jewelry? A few years ago that was a question I tossed around multiple times in my head after a breakup with someone who had gotten me jewelry. I didn’t want to pawn the jewelry out of spite, I just didn’t like it. A pendant necklace that displayed my birthstone was a thoughtful gesture, but I remember thinking it looked like something Eleanor Roosevelt or my late grandmother Driscoll would have liked. Are jewelry stores (like chain restaurants and department stores) doomed to a life of millennial contempt? Erin Simon at Silver Fox doesn’t think so.

Erin and her husband Aaron bought Silver Fox Jewelry located in The Village at Grand Traverse Commons in 2018.

When Erin and Aaron moved to Traverse City from Kalamazoo in 2010 they began an in-home care company. They sold that business four years ago before buying the jewelry shop.

“It’s actually kind of a funny story. The previous owners were clients of Aaron’s at AAA and they were getting ready to retire. They weren’t really exactly sure what they were going to do with the store, they didn’t have any plans and they were mentioning that to him.”

Aaron knew that running a jewelry store would be right up Erin’s alley. She enjoys expressing her creativity and being able to curate a jewelry store was something she felt excited about.

“It took about a year for it to all come together, and they were wonderful. We bought it about a year and a half ago, but it had been in business for about 10 years before that.”

In those 10 years, the store had developed a loyal customer base and Erin has worked hard to not upset that balance, however, she has brought a lot of modern jewelry into the store too.

“You don’t want to change something that’s working, but I also wanted to add a little of my own flair. So it’s been a nice combination of that.”

Chunkier and more colorful necklaces and earrings are popular with older women, and there’s something to be said about wearing a geometric, acrylic tortoiseshell necklace with a bright pantsuit, but the trend with younger women leans towards more delicate, understated jewelry. Erin goes to gem and mineral shows to look for pieces she wants to carry in the store and is able to spot trends through the large selection.

“I love the mixed metals. Sometimes to get that black look it’s either dipped in black rhodium or it’s oxidized silver. Not just that but mixing gold and silver too. Hammered and organic looking is something that’s really nice, I feel like that is more of a modern look.”

She also carries locally made jewelry crafted from Petoskey stones and Leland blue stones.

“Honestly we’re looking for more local artists, so if there’s anybody out there that really would love to be able to showcase their work, we would love that.”

A classic that Erin said is simple and functional are pearls, and modern trends with pearls extend beyond white. Variations of blush, grey and other colors are gaining popularity. Mixing traditional with modern is a recurring theme in Erin’s shop.

Finn, Erin’s dog was hanging out with her when I dropped by. He’s not normally taking any shifts, but every once in awhile he makes an appearance. Husband Aaron makes an appearance sometimes too.

“Most of the time we just make him leave,” Erin said laughing. “As a small business owner, you’re usually doing a lot of the accounting and marketing, so he helps with the back end of the store for sure.” 

From one couple to another, Silver Fox Jewelry is keeping customers happy both old and new.


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