Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport Selected as Future Space Launch Facility

The next major industry for Michigan could be space travel, and Tuesday the state announced the preferred location for the first spaceport.

The state invested $2 million to find the best location for the state’s first spaceport.

Looking for an airport located near water, in a rural setting and the capabilities to launch satellites and spacecraft from a runway, and the first option is in northern Michigan.

Michigan wants to be a space state and hang its hat on that industry.

When they were looking for a place to put Michigan’s first spaceport, they said they originally looked at 12 locations and they used feasibility studies to narrow that down to four options: Marquette, Alpena, Oscoda and Chippewa County.

In the end, when they crunch the numbers they found Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport as the No. 1 choice.

Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport was an Air Force Base up until 1993, but hasn’t been used in that capacity.

We’re being told that this kind of space port could go back into the military contract business with possibilities of Space Force contracts coming in the future.

Right now it’s going to be focused on horizontal launch satellites, but then they could also grow into a tourism industry as more people look to go into the lower limits of space

While this is the first choice, it is not a done deal yet.

Feasibility studies will continue, but we’re told that it will take something very major to go wrong for them not to be the choice.

They are expecting to get started and we’ll see the first launch is in 2022.