$10,000 Grant Helps Social Workers, Teachers Continue Serving Students in Traverse City

Traverse City Area Public Schools will be able to help even more kids in need thanks to a big grant from the Art and Mary Schmuckal Family Foundation.

Through this $10,000 grant, the Intense Student Support Network will be able to give staff a better way to provide specific students with specific needs.

“Just one less thing they have worry about coming to school,” says Kathryn Baumann, TCAPS school counselor.

Something as simple as a pair of socks can impact a student’s learning and making sure students have those basic necessities is something Baumann is passionate about.

“It’s something you don’t even imagine that kids would need or why they would need that but they do, maybe just need a clean change of clothes or need a sweatshirt to be washed,” says Baumann.

The giving closet at TCAPS has everything from backpacks, school supplies, food and clothing.

Sara Sovis, TCAPS social worker, says, “If we can pin point from the student what they need then I’m able to get them those resources.”

Last year, the Giving Closet served about 35 kids in the district with these resources. This year, they’ve already tripled that number

“Student that are just able to come to school ready to learn and families that have stressed removed from them and students that are able to feel more confident in their learning environment,” says Sovis.

Baumann says they hope to remove barriers that allow all students the opportunity to learn.

“I think the results that we’re seeing in the classrooms, both behaviorally and academically is quite overwhelming,” says Baumann.

The program gives students peace of mind, knowing these educators have their backs and the resources they need to succeed.

Baumann says, “It’s fun to see them in the hallway knowing that we helped them just feel that self-confidence and feeling better about being in school.”

Right now the Intense Student Support Network is looking for snack donations and gift cards to restaurants and grocery stores.

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