Ruby Ellen Farm Raises Money to Repair Historic Site

On Sunday, the Ruby Ellen Farm in Traverse City hosted their annual Valentine Snowshoe and Ski Trek to raise money to repair the historic farmhouse roof.

“This farm has quite a history in a couple different ways,” said Richard Core.

The Ruby Ellen Farm has been in Richard Core’s family for 155 years.

Core says, “My great great grandfather, William Core, fought in the Civil War. And when he mustered out the north, the Union didn’t have money to pay anybody so they gave him land.”

The farm has been welcoming visitors since 1865, but the property is starting to show its age.

The core family hosted a valentine snowshoe and ski hike to raise money to repair some of the property’s original buildings.

“Right now the barn has had some recent work. We’ve had to redo some of the foundation,” said Core.

Because the buildings are so old and historic they are more costly to repair.

“It’s a little bit of a different project because it’s not a modern roof so it may have more cost to it,” said visitor and volunteer, Bob Walton.

The Core family says they want to hold onto the original design to maintain the nostalgia.

Walton says, “My wife grew up near here and she and the next-door neighbor, Cathy, when they were little girls they used to go to the farm and visit Ruby.”

And even after all these years, those memories still feel fresh.

“Ruby would serve tea and cookies and the two little girls remember that until they grew up,” said Walton.

Core says it’s the farm’s rich background which makes it feel so alive.

He likes to think that feeling is what draws people to the farm.

“A lot of people will come here and say wow this is magic. And it is,” said Core.