Annual TC250 Races Sees Most Snowmobilers in Event History

Snowmobilers hit the track in Interlochen on Saturday for the TC 250 race.

The annual winter ride brings competitors from all over the country to race their vintage snowmobiles.

Racers’ vehicles were all made in the 1980’s or earlier.

Organizers say this year they had the most participants ever.

This is even in spite of challenging weather patterns.

The riders were all still able to compete thanks to a team of dedicated track crews.

“The weather was so bad early on that a lot of races got canceled therefore,  we were very fortunate that our race- we were able to pull it off. A lot of work on the track to build it and it’s going to hold up great,” said track owner Scott Worden.

Not only did the track hold up, the weather also held out for the hundreds of spectators who came out to enjoy the competition.