Mid Michigan College Cuts Ribbon to Renovated Harrison Campus

Construction crews have been working for months on the re-design of Mid Michigan Colleges Harrison campus.

Students and faculty gathered today for the building’s ceremonial ribbon cutting.

“It has a lot more space and potential to study and find some peaceful spots to hang out,” says Brianna McQuiston, a student at Mid Michigan College.

She says before today there was really only one spot on campus where she loved to study.

“In the east wing there are these little brick benches in the windows and I just like sitting there for the light,” said McQuiston

But now with the new $13 million renovations, she can enjoy studying and sunlight in many different spots.

McQuiston says, “There’s a lot of student meeting rooms and areas where they can have study sessions. And it’s away from everyone else so you can kind of get some peace.”

Mid Michigan College says the upgrade was necessary to make the building structurally safer and more energy-efficient.

Jessie Gordon, Vice President of Strategic Communication for the college says, “We’ve known that there were critical mechanical systems that were failing and to keep this building sustainable we needed to address it.”

Mid Michigan College says their next steps are to add pool tables and other activities to make this a hub for student activity.

“So we’ve organized the campus – reorganized it to suit the new sorts of learning and community building that’s important for students,” says Gordon

They say when this was built in the 1960’s it didn’t give students the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom.

Gordon says, “I think that this space captures the idea of vibrancy that is important for students.”

McQuiston says that vibrancy could draw her away from her typical study spot and put her in a whole new light.

“I really love the new Esther C. Conference room. All the windows in there are so bright and you just get so much natural light,” says McQuiston

Mid Michigan College says they hope these new renovations boost enrollment.