Jury Finds Man Guilty of First Degree Murder, Torture, Unlawful Imprisonment in Crawford Co. Trial

After a day of deliberation — a jury has found Matthew Smith guilty off first degree murder, torture and unlawful imprisonment. 

Smith along with Dylan Zielger were earlier charged with the murder of Dennis Everson.

Ziegler took a plea deal in exchange for his testimony.

“He’s hurt a lot of families. He’s hurt my children, my Mom , the victim’s family,” said Dylan Zieglers mother, Stacie Ziegler.

He has not yet been sentenced.

The two are guilty of Everson’s murder that happened back in July 2018.

The family of Ziegler and Everson say this brings a form of closure.

“Dennis had a horrible death and justice finally proven that the guy did it. They found him guilty and justice will be served,” said Dennis’ brother, Ron Everson.