Gaylord Florist Brightening People’s Valentine’s Day with Random Act of Kindness

No one loves Valentine’s Day more than your local florist. A mother-son duo is making people’s holiday bright at Rosemary and Pepper Flower Company in Gaylord. “All day open to close we are slammed busy,” says Jon Gray.

Jon works for his mother Jennifer and here at this shop he’s found his passion in life— paying it forward, but at first glance, you might not expect it. Jennifer Harmer, owner of Rosemary & Pepper Flower Co. and mother of Jon says, “He’s a great person. He’s melty and gooey and sweet inside but he has this exterior that-he has tattoos and piercings so at first glance you might think what’s going on here but when you talk to him and you meet him – you realize how very sweet he is.”

Jon is spending his holiday hand deliver flowers to those who may feel left out on a day like today. He visited Alten Zimmer’s Elderly Community in Gaylord. “It’s as simple as taking your hand from here to here to make somebody’s day. As soon as that flower connects-you can feel that energy moving through them. That happiness-you just made their day a little bit,” explains Jon.

Residents like Charlene were touched by this heartfelt gesture. “We have a lot of older folks— they have nobody and that’s sad. I don’t have anybody anymore either but I can still enjoy it. Since my husband died very lonesome. I had him 63.5 years.”

This universal gift is sure to brighten even the darkest of days. “That’s the beauty of a flower is it has so much meaning and gestures. It can be for love, it can be for mourning-it can be just to say I think about you,” explains Jon.

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