Crawford Co. Murder Trial: Jury Deliberates

Matthew Smith is back in court Friday in Crawford County, facing charges for open murder, torture, and unlawful imprisonment.

Matthew Smith and Dylan Ziegler were charged in the murder of Dennis Everson, who was found dead in July 2018.

The sheriff’s office says Everson’s body was found on a remote piece of land in Frederic Township.

They say Smith and Ziegler knew Everson.

Investigators believe a fight broke out at Everson’s home before Smith and Ziegler killed him.

Ziegler has since taken a plea deal in the case. He admitted to torturing Everson, as well as manslaughter.

He has not yet been sentenced.

Smith’s trial started earlier this week.

So far today, the jury heard three defense witness testimonies.

Both sides presented their closing arguments and now the decision is up to the jury.

We have a crew in the courtroom and will bring you all the details coming up at 5 and 6.