CMU President Discusses Effort to Address Enrollment Decline

Central Michigan University saw another drop in student enrollment in 2019.

A significant drop of ten percent.

Their enrollment went from more than 21,000 to a little more than 19,000.

That’s after enrollment reached more than 28,000 in 2010.

CMU President Dr. Robert Davies says the most recent enrollment numbers were expected.  The university is now looking at how and where they market to potential students, both in Michigan and beyond state lines.

“We’re looking to recruit more from out of state for our freshman classes, but we’re also looking at how we serve adult learners. Another area that is an amazing opportunity for us is transfer students coming from community colleges as well as other universities,” said Davies.

The university is also working to increase scholarship opportunities while also looking at what programs the school may need to add.

‘We’re stepping back and looking at programs we need to add this year, next year and in the following years that add high value, that are in demand by students as well as in the community. For example, we are very concentrated on our health professions and our sciences right now because as we think of Michigan and northern Michigan, that is an important need for this area,” said Davies.

All while addressing tuition concerns.

“CMU tuition, if you look at us compared to the other 15 institutions, we’re about number 9 or 10. We’re not the cheapest and we’re not even close to the most expensive,” said Davies.

CMU has set a goal of enrolling 2,700 freshman this coming fall. President Davies hopes hitting that goal can be the start of a rise in enrollment.

“We are working hard to have a freshman class of 2,700 and then we’ll be moving that up over the next several years to around a class of 3,000. We’re focused in on working with high schools, we’re focused in on working with families on an individual basis and that’s what we do best,” said Davies.