Vilah Bloom Provides Stylish & Functional Bags for Moms

Mother, wife, and entrepreneur Jackie Garrett started a company that is taking the tote, diaper bag, and purse industries by storm.

She named her company after her first born, Vilah Bloom. It all started nine years ago when things were as busy as possible with a new born, but based on her experience she knew they needed a better diaper bag.

Jackie said, “I came home to my husband and said can we just develop a bag why aren’t these things just attached to a bag so new moms don’t forget their wet wipes and at first it was a joke, but then it became a reality.”

She sat down one night and started sewing what eventually became the harbor side tote.

Jackie said, “I was just giving them to my friends at this point. I was making little clutches and little harbor side totes and whatnot but they weren’t the prettiest bags but everybody loved them.”

They lived in New Hampshire at the time but were ready to make the trek back to Northern Michigan.

They grew up in Boyne City and soon landed in Petoskey where Vilah Bloom took off.

She said, “We took them to an ABC Kid Expo in LA and we actually won the best diaper bag of the year and then we were like yah ok let’s do this because you first put yourself out there and you don’t know are people going to like this? Are they not? But they loved it so the rest is history.”

As her business grew, so did her girls, company namesake Vilah, and younger sister Monroe, she’s got a bag too, the Monroe on the Go. Soon Jackie didn’t need a diaper bag anymore and decided to venture into a new industry.

She said, “To make mom’s lives easier one wipe at a time is what our slogan is but then we started to as we were evolving we want to basically create bags and accessories for women of all ages.”

You can find them, and the rest of the line in their corporate office, recently transformed into a boutique – a place where Jackie can connect with customers.

Jackie said, “We really do love to provide for our local community. I’ve kind of learned throughout this experience that bigger is not always better. I can’t keep up sometimes we’re a small team so it’s kind of nice to have just the local support and realize that it’s ok to take a pause.”

Born out of necessity, the blooming idea continues to grow and thrive, while this creator is doing what she loves.

She said, “You got to keep believing, have faith, and just keep going.”

To learn more about Vilah Bloom, click here.

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