The Flower Station Prepares Over 200 Bouquets for Valentine’s Day

Friday is Valentine’s Day.

As you can imagine, florists across the country have been gearing up for weeks.

That includes the Flower Station in Traverse City.

The owners say their busiest times of the year are Mother’s Day and, of course, Valentine’s Day.

They spent the last week getting things ready for the arrangements, but they don’t add the flowers until a day or two before.

The Flower Station says they made more than 200 bouquets just to be delivered.

And if you end up with one, here’s their secret to your flowers’ best shelf life:

“Don’t put them near a window, don’t put them near any heat source… Best thing is you cut the stems put them in cold water. If you can’t do it every day- then you do it every other day. And that’s how you get longevity out of your flowers,” says owner Margaret Edgington.

The Flower Station will stop taking delivery orders at 1 p.m. Friday afternoon.