Cause of Death Revealed in Adrienne Quintal Case

We now know how Adrienne Quintal died.

The Benzie County Sheriff’s Office says her death was caused by combined toxic effects of methamphetamine and Diazepam.

They also say hypothermia played a role.

Her death has been ruled an accident.

Adrienne (Ada) Quintal was reported missing back on Oct. 17. Search teams, volunteers, and family members have been looking for her ever since.

Quintal had reportedly phoned a friend from her family’s cabin, saying she was involved in a shootout. When officers arrived, she was nowhere to be found.

The search came to an end when family members found her body in late December and called police.

Undersheriff Kyle Rosa says, “They were out on the property searching the area.”

Quintal was found on a branch of the North Platte River. The Benzie Sheriff’s Office says scars and a tattoo helped to confirm her identity.

Rosa says the flooded area “was very dense and very hard to get to.”

Rosa says Ada’s body was found about 800 yards from the family cabin. That’s less than half a mile away.