Benzie Co. Sheriff: Drugs Led to Adrienne Quintal’s Death

The Benzie County Sheriff’s Office released the cause of death on Thursday for Adrienne Quintal.

Her family downstate endured months of not knowing where she went, or if she was still alive.

The Benzie County Sheriff’s Office says prior to her October disappearance, Adrienne called a family friend asking for help.

She told them someone was shooting at her so she shot them in the face.

When deputies arrived Adrienne was gone and there were bullet holes inside the cabin.

After months of searching, Adrienne’s family found her body in late December less than a thousand feet from the cabin.

The sheriff says Quintal had five times the lethal amount of methamphetamine and prescription drugs in her body when she died.

While they say hypothermia was a factor, the drugs would have killed her either way.

“It was a very high amount,” said Benzie County Sheriff, Ted Schendel.

Adrienne Quintal’s cause of death brings a nearly five month investigation to a close.

Although, there will always be some unanswered questions.

“Was this something that she experimented for the first time or had she been a user for a while? We’ll just never know,” said Sheriff Schendel.

The report from the medical examiner’s office does answer a lot of questions surrounding the mystery that came with this case.

“With a high concentration of drugs in her system that she had, it does cause hallucinations so she was probably hallucinating and she was firing at what she thought were bad guys,” said Sheriff Schendel.

The sheriff said that explains why they only found bullet holes shot from the inside.

He also said that while the information doesn’t change the sad outcome, he’s thankful to finally have some answers for the family.

“It’s a tragedy. I feel for the family. This is probably not the news that they wanted to receive but these kinds of things happen,” said Sheriff Schendel.

The sheriff says this case is unlike one he’s ever seen.

“Years, this was very unique case because right from the get go, this was not a normal 911 call,” said Sheriff Schendel.

The sheriff says his thoughts are with Adrienne’s family as they continue to process this this information.