Student Snow Carvers Get Third at Snow Fest

For many students, art class is a time to find what inspires them and helps bring out their creativity.

One local art program is helping its students express themselves in a whole new way.

Mount Pleasant High School art teacher Therese Lunsford said, “The students get to do something that we would never have the ability to do that in the classroom.”

They are able to leave the classroom behind and brave the cold to create snow sculptures.

Senior snow carver Nicha Naksen said, “I think it’s an excuse for us to get together and share our passion for art and it’s really cool how we get to use all of our skills to put into one big project to represent the school and the art community.”

The crafty crew of high school students just took part in Snow Fest in Frankenmuth and their hard work definitely paid off.

After long hours of carving, they quickly discovered their hard work paid off. Out of 20 teams from around the state, they took third place.

Naksen said, “I was very proud of us. I almost started crying. My team members were very great and we had our ups and downs-we communicated through it and that’s the most important part of snow fest is to communicate with people and be open-minded.”

This opportunity has allowed them to take part in not only an art project but also a team-building opportunity.

Naksen said, “The sculpture is not just your project-it’s everyone’s project so you have to put all of your efforts in but at the same time you should appreciate other people’s skills.”

This outlet has allowed them to make connections within their small class and enjoy each other’s company.

Senior snow carver Kaitlyn Bootz said, “Even though it’s a competition we’re all there to appreciate everyone’s hard work and it’s something we all came to do together.”

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