Mt. Pleasant Schools Almost Finished with Nearly $30M Bond Project

Mt. Pleasant Public Schools is getting ready to start series two of their nearly $30 million bond project.

The district passed the bond in 2016 and quickly got to work, just finishing series one of the project.

With more than $22 million spent, series one of the bond project is complete. The largest improvement: an addition to their middle school.

“We added on here this whole new wing for our sixth grade students, we added on a huge auxiliary gym, we did new flooring in all of our classrooms and we also put new technology in all of our classrooms,” says Superintendent Jennifer Verleger.

So far, nearly 150 classrooms across the district are decked out in new technology, like interactive whiteboard, document cameras, new sound systems and teacher voice application systems.

Joe Judge, chief information officer, says, “These are life skills, technology is everywhere now, so if we’re exposing them to what they’re going to be seeing, it’s going to benefit them in the long run.”

But in the sixth grade wing, new technology and auxiliary gym was just part of the project. The district wanted to ensure every student’s safety.

“The secure entrance that’s something that’s really important for our school and community,” Verleger says.

Before, all visitors had to do was buzz in. Now, everyone has to enter through a vestibule to ensure that everyone checks into the office.

Principal of Mt. Pleasant Middle School Darby Weaver says, “It’s nice to have that extra level so we know who is in the building at all times, so they do know that they have to check in.”

Verleger says, “Everything just really looks wonderful, looks brand new and we’re just thrilled to have the support of our community to do this.”

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