Clyde’s Drive-In Opens for Annual Mid-Winter Event

3,200 quarter pound burgers.

350 Big C three-quarter pound burgers.

240 pounds of Velveeta Cheese and 150 pounds of bacon.

A drive-in restaurant in Sault Ste Marie, will grill it all up over five days.

This is the fifth year Clyde’s Drive-In has opened around the Valentine’s Day period for those savoring the popular burgers.

Clyde’s started serving Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. and it was been non-stop all day.

While the menu is limited, you can still get the most popular items.

All the hungry Clyde’s fans can’t wait.

“We’re busy all summer long, so the majority of the people are the locals. They just wait for us. We can’t even go shopping with them saying ‘oh, when are you going to open up?’ So they are pretty excited when we open up,” said Cheryl Lounds.

To get your mid-winter fix of Clyde’s, you only have until Sunday.

Then you will have to wait until early May when they reopen.