Talking Trash: The Recycling Frontlines

If you have a recycle bin at home you probably fill it up throughout the week with cardboard, paper, glass, and even plastic items.  It’s once that bin is emptied into the recycling truck that the mystery begins of where it all goes. That’s why during ‘Talking Trash’ we’re showing you an example of what goes on with the recycling process at American Waste in Traverse City.

The four’s Melissa Smith and photojournalist, Jeremy Erickson take us to the frontlines to see what items are accepted to be recycled in the Grand Traverse Region and what unfortunately gets pulled. Items like baby diapers, dog leashes and mattresses will not be accepted. Sadly, these items will be pulled from the lines and thrown in the trash.   It’s a daunting process but one that needs to happen in order for only recyclable materials to pass through and onto the next phase.

Always remember that the recycling process varies from community to community and county to county.  Please check with your local recycling center to see what items they will accept and where to take them if you don’t have recycling pick up process.

If you do have larger items like mattresses and electronics Bay Area Recycling for Charities in Traverse City will gladly accept those, since American Waste will not.

For a link to BARC and the items, they accept, click here.

For more information click on the video posted above.

For a direct link to American Waste in Traverse City click here. 

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