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Healthy Living: Hidden Causes of Cancer

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Cancer is the second leading cause of death, after heart disease and here are more than 14 million new cases diagnosed globally each year.

We all know some habits like smoking or sun tanning increases your risk of getting it, but what are some of the hidden causes of cancer?

Whitney Amann explained more in this Healthy Living.

About 38 percent of all people will have cancer at some point during their lives and there are plenty of theories about what causes it, but what does the research really say?

One proven cause: air pollution. It’s to blame for more than 220 thousand lung cancer deaths worldwide each year.

Another culprit is excess weight. Researchers believe being overweight and obese causes about eight percent of all cancers. A recent study also found postmenopausal women who lost weight saw a decrease in angiogenesis markers. Those are proteins that promote cancer.

Dr. Anne McTiernan said, “We were surprised at how much reduction and the significance of it in these markers. Between ten and 20% reduction.”

Also, red processed, or barbequed meat can also increase your risk of developing cancer. Research shows just one hot dog a day could boost your odds of colon cancer.

Plus, indoor tanning is thought to cause more than 400 thousand cases of skin cancer each year. And exposure to radon gas can trigger lung cancer.

Research shows that the rate of breast cancer in female flight attendants is 50% higher than that of women in other professions and their rate of non-melanoma skin cancer is four-times higher.

Researchers believe exposure to more ionizing radiation at high altitudes could be the reason for this elevated risk.

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