Warm Weather Poses No Challenge for 44th North American Vasa

The 44th North American Vasa went off without a hitch, even in spite of this week’s warmer than usual weather.

“For tomorrow’s start we were looking at having to potentially do a little bit different with the start and kind of reroute that,” said race director, John Roe.

The Vasa says the melting snow can make the course tricky in spots.

Roe says, “So there were some slick areas in some really fast sections that were going to be challenging.”

And when the course is tricky it can pave the way for injuries.

“What you really worry about is safety. Ya know, it’s like the races will go on. But ya know, are we going to have a few more injuries than normal.” said Roe.

Thankfully Mother Nature came to the rescue last night

Roe said “And with the fresh snow that’s kind of gone away. So that’s a beautiful thing.”

Roe says the race depends on Mother Nature and the volunteers.

“It’s amazing to have those volunteers and I can’t give them enough credit because it’s what the racers experience and why the racers come back,” he said.

This year Brett Hood wanted to be one of over 300 volunteers to lend a hand.

“Well I’ve skied for a very long time and I used to race back in the day but I prefer the more social aspects and cheering on the racers,” said Hood.

He says his favorite part is seeing the Vasa’s legacy live on.

Hood said, “Cross country skiing is such a social sport, if we start them young they’ll be lifelong skiers. And we’ve got a great crowd for years and years to come.

The last race for this year’s Vasa will be Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m.