CMU Students Hold Candlelight Vigil for Gun Violence Victims

Saturday is the end of National Gun Violence Survivors Week.

The goal is to bring awareness to gun violence and ultimately put a stop to it.

Aria Segura of Students Demand says, “This is a health issue. It’s a systemic crisis. We need to be dealing with it.”

Students Demand Action for Gun Sense at Central Michigan University is honoring those who have lost their lives to gun violence.

The group ended National Gun Violence Survivors Week with a candlelight vigil on campus.

Lauren Hull of Students Demand says, “Every candle that people used at the vigil today had a name of somebody that actually was shot and killed by gun violence.”

Friday’s focus was to show these numbers are victims, not just statistics.

“We encouraged people to look up their names and kind of learn their story,” said Hull.

Segura says it can be easy to forget how many people are affected by gun violence.

“It’s not an issue that just happens in cities. It’s not an issue that just happens in mass shootings. 100 people are killed or hurt by gun violence every day,” said Segura.

As part of National Gun Violence Survivors Week, Students Demand spoke to other students at CMU to hear their views on gun regulations.

Hull says, “We had a lot of good conversations about people who didn’t necessarily agree with us or people who maybe made assumptions about who we were and what we believe.”

They say that regardless of political stance, they were able to agree on one thing. Gun violence needs to stop.

“And we were always able to find common ground which was very, very fascinating for me,” said Hull.

Students Demand Action hopes this vigil becomes an annual event.