Mt. Pleasant Man Charged with Assault with Intent to Murder, Child Abuse

Police in Mt. Pleasant say a man is accused of hurting a woman and a child.

Now, it’s an attempted murder investigation.

Police say ongoing violence between the man and woman came to an end last night.

They say Anthony Wooten was found walking near the Chase Run Apartments.

Police say he was drunk and bleeding from his head.

Wooten told police he left his apartment after getting in a fight with a woman he knows.

According to the police report Wooten got mad because the woman moved his TV when he wasn’t there.

Police say when he came home Wooten choked the woman and threw the TV which hit a child in the head.

They say he got cut when the woman hit him with a cell phone.

Wooten is now charged with assault with intent to murder, child abuse, and other domestic violence charges.