Mid Michigan Community College Softball Coach Accused of Sexual Assault

A Mid Michigan Community College softball player is accusing a coach at the school of acting inappropriately towards her and police are investigating.

The report made to the Mount Pleasant Police Department is being sent over to the Isabella County prosecutor.

He will decide if the coach should be criminally charged.

The police report says on Jan. 29 a Mid Michigan Community College softball player says one of her coaches sexually assaulted her.

She says he grabbed her and kissed her multiple times.

The woman says her team had practice at Pickens Field before the incident.

Later that night she says that one of her coaches texted her saying he hit a deer and it damaged his car.

The woman says she is a hunter and asked if he needed help finding the deer.

The report says he responded “yes” but told her not to tell anyone they were together because it could get him in trouble.

From there, the police report says he picked her up, brought her over to where the accident happened and they found the deer.

The woman says everything was fine up until he dropped her off at her apartment.

She told police he grabbed her neck, pulled her toward him and forcefully kissed her.

She says she pushed back and told him “no”.

According to her interview in the police report he did it again.

She says at that point she hit him in chest.

The woman says she got scared and ran out of the truck and into her apartment.

She tells police this was the first time something like this happened.

The police report states the coach initially denied any physical contact but later told them he only hugged her and that she tried kissing him.

We reached out to the athletic office at Mid Michigan Community College but have not heard back yet.

There have been no arrests or charges at this point but the Isabella County Prosecutor will review the case.

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