Midwest Snowkite Jam 2020 Happening This Weekend

The Midwest Snowkite Jam is back for another year. Despite the mild winter, they plan to head to Lake Leelanau tomorrow, Saturday, Feb. 8 at the Bingham Boat Launch. Enthusiasts from all over the state plan on competing in various events and competitions throughout the weekend. The kickoff starts tonight with a party at the Giving Wings Aviation Hanger where there will be raffles, prizes, and pizza. Spectators are encouraged to join in on some of the fun tonight through Sunday afternoon.

Local Snow Kiter Matt Mulligan says, “It’s an extension of our summer kiting and essentially we wanted to kite the frozen lakes and frozen fields and ride all year round”.

Not only do you have the chance to watch some of the action but you may have the opportunity to give it a try for yourself.

If you would like more information or the schedule of events, click here.


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