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Tech Tuesday: Great Apps for Killing Time

We’ve all been there: you have some time to kill and you pull out your phone for a few minutes of entertainment.

But what do you do when you your go-to apps aren’t enough to keep you busy?

In this week’s Tech Tuesday, we’re showing you some alternate apps to check out to alleviate boredom.

If you’re anything like me, your phone is probably full of photos. If you love taking pictures with your phone, is the perfect app to share your favorite photos with the world.

Made for photography pros and amateurs alike, the ViewBug app lets you discover photography, edit and share photos, and even receive recognition from other photographers and judges.

You can show off your work with the app’s photography challenges every month, and even win prizes. You can participate in photo contests in a variety of categories, and even get your photos featured and published.

And while you are browsing your photos to submit, you can also use that opportunity to review and delete photos saved to your phone you no longer need.

If photography isn’t one of your interests, perhaps you’d like to spend a little time increasing your knowledge. gives you free access to vocabulary quizzes.

The app boasts 1,200 vocabulary words selected by an expert tutor.

The app focuses on teaching vocab words to prepare people for the SAT, GRE and GMAT.

The app is gamified, with each level you beat unlocking a new, harder level.

Whenever I come across an interesting article or new app I want to check out, I paste the URL into the notes on my phone and promptly forget about it.

But with the Post-It app, I can easily organize all of those links into visual boards.

The Post-It app helps you arrange, refine and organize notes and ideas on your board any way you see fit. The app lets you share your organized board with friends, and will even let you export your boards as a PDF, PowerPoint or other format.

We all know the Amazon app is good for shopping on the go, but it also has a Gift Finder feature.

You can spend hours browsing through Amazon’s never-ending list of gift ideas, featuring useful products you didn’t know you needed to novelty items guaranteed to make you giggle.

You can add items to your personal lists to check out later on when you are in need of the perfect gift for your hard to shop for loved ones.