Governor Whitmer Prepares To Give Democratic State Of The Union Response

Tuesday night President Trump will face the nation with his State of the Union address.

Immediately after, the Democratic Party will give their official response, this year that speech will be given by Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

“I think (Speaker Nancy Pelosi) asked me because everyone in the world knows how important Michigan is,” says Gov. Whitmer.

From the Democrats’ point of view, Gov. Whitmer is a rising star. Hence why she was chosen to be the face of the party after the State of the Union.

“You won’t see a departure from what I’m focused on,” says Whitmer, “You won’t see a departure in tone either.”

Whitmer was given free reign to write the speech and party stance herself. Speaker Nancy Pelosi only telling her two things, first to be comfortable.

“The other was to ensure that we’re not solely focused on the President,” says Whitmer, “But really focused on a vision for America.”

But it is a response after all.

“I am responding to someone who is unpredictable,” says Whitmer.

She said impeachment will be a minor topic and “dinner table” issues of every American will carry the speech but she will watch the president closely.

“If something unexpected does happen, I’ll be nimble enough to address it,” says Whitmer, “if necessary.”

With the governor given this responsibility, it has a lot of people wondering if maybe she’ll be trading in her office at the state capitol for one at the White House, as a possible vice president nominee.

“I love Michigan. I ran for office in Michigan to stay close to the people that I represent,” says Whitmer, “To stay home. To be near to my family and nothing’s changed on any of those fronts.”

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