Get Taxes Filed for Free, Home Buying Help at Super Saturday in Traverse City

The Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency hopes to empower people all over Northern Michigan to overcome the barriers of poverty.

“This is a great opportunity to come in to get free education, free resources for anyone in our area,” says Dan Tincknell, budget and housing director at NMCAA.

NMCAA hopes everyone who attends its 17th annual Super Saturday becomes healthy, wealthy and wise.

Whitney Hahnenberg, sales force specialist at NMCAA, says, “We have so many programs in our pocket we care about our community and we want to make sure if you need help, please reach out to us, if we can’t help you, we’re going to find you help.”

That day the organization is offering resources—like filing your taxes for free!

Tax Program Director Meg Havenga says, “All together we did over 3,150 tax returns last year and we brought over six million in refunds and rebates back into the community.”

Tincknell says NMCAA also provides tips on avoiding online and phone scams.

“Unfortunately, scams are a massive issue especially with those who are 65 and older,” Tincknell says. “They are the primary target for a lot of these scams.”

As well as educational classes on the importance of establishing credit and buying a home.

“Affordable housing has always been an issue so far, my goal, my job is to help people navigate the home ownership process to hopefully get them into affordable housing,” Tincknell says.

A goal to help every neighbor build connections and improve their quality of life.

Hahnenberg says, “It doesn’t stop at Super Saturday, come on in to our agency and we can help you, we can teach you how to budget, we can teach you how to credit, home buyer education, so we have a lot of resources.”

The 17th annual Super Saturday will be at the Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District.

You must preregister for tax appointments and free childcare is available.

A link to register can be found here:

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