Lume Cannabis Company Launches Sale of Recreational Marijuana

A medical marijuana dispensary in Honor is now selling recreational marijuana too.

The Lume Cannabis Company launched its new products on Friday.

Lume is the first marijuana retail store in Benzie County to offer recreational marijuana.

They celebrated the launch by offering perks-like free food and gift bags.

After signing in, customers wait for a ‘budtender’ to help them.

Lume says the business is different because they want each customer experience to feel personalized. They say Lume is here to stay.

Store Manager, Jared Haga says, “We’re making history. We are the first place in Northern Michigan for recreational sales. Ya know, we’re very proud of that. Lume is not going anywhere.”

Lume says they hope to see their stores all over Michigan and have plans to open more stores this year.