Petoskey Curling Club: Playing “Chess on Ice”

Curling is a sport that from the outside may look a bit intimidating but rest assured, the Petoskey Curling Club is hoping to sweep you off your feet with this strategic sport. Leslie Bennet, a member with the club says, “You don’t have to be a super athlete to curl and you don’t need expensive clothing to play. You can just come in with a good pair of tennis shoes and just have fun with all kinds of people you may have never have bumped into before.”

This is a sport that requires hard work– especially when it comes to sweeping. “It’s 65% of the game. Sweeping is the most important part,” explains Bennet.

Each of them hopes for a victory, but more importantly, they’re scoring a few new pals along the way. Randy Lane says, “It’s a place you can go to see friends and it’s a place to go to share your experiences.”

So Randy asks, “Are you interested in developing some physical skills? Are you competitive?”

If yes, this may be the sport for you! Click here for more information.


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