MTM On The Road: Ellie’s Place in Cheboygan

Cakes, cupcakes, and even soups can all be found at Ellie’s Place in Cheboygan!

The bakery opened on Main Street in June making it a must stop for breakfast, lunch, and dessert.

Brenna St. Clair is the owner and she first got her start by simply making a birthday cake for her daughter Ellie.

After receiving an amazing response from social media, Ellie’s Place started shortly after.

“Everything that we do revolves around our customers,” Brenna said.

Ellie’s Place is famous for their one of a kind flower cupcake bouquets.

“There is nothing like receiving a beautiful bouquet that you can eat,” Brenna said.

Start your day with Regan Blissett and photojournalist Stephanie Adkins as they learn more about Ellie’s Place and learn how to make flower cupcake bouquets.

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