Native American Tribe Agrees to Purchase Four Seasons Market in Brimley

A deal in the making for years has become reality for one local Native American tribe this week.

On Monday, the Bay Mills Indian Community Executive Council agreed to purchase the Four Season’s Market – IGA store in Brimley.

The store’s owner is retiring.

Bay Mills says it presented an opportunity they could not let slip away.

The store has been very successful being located across from the Brimley State Park.

“For Bay Mills, it’s thoroughly exciting! It’s already an established business that helps the community in the area so we are chomping at the bit to get in there and see what kind of growth potential it has and what we can do to help the community,” said Retail Manager Brandon Leapley.

About a dozen employees currently work at the Four Seasons Market – IGA.

All have been advised they are welcomed to stay.

The deal should be complete in about six months.