Houghton Lake Man Scammed Out of $30,000 After Receiving Call From What Looked Like State Police

Michigan State Police are warning people of a scam after they say a man lost $30,000.

They say a Houghton Lake man got several calls from someone claiming to be a drug enforcement agent requesting money.

The man ignored the calls, then received another call from someone who said they were from the Houghton Lake State Police Post.

He hung up again, checked the number on the Caller ID, and it was a match for the post.

Police say he then sent scammers $10,000 in gift cards, and another $20,000 in cash.

“The state police will never contact anyone asking for money for arrest warrant, bond or anything else,” said Michigan State Police Lt. Derrick Carroll. “It is a scam, no government or law enforcement agency will ever ask to send them any money or payment.”

State police have identified an address in Texas connected to the calls. They are now working on the investigation with authorities there.