New Law Allows for Growth of Mobile Salons

A new law signed by the Governor will mean changes to the cosmetology industry

The Governor signed nine new bills into law on Monday; among them, a measure which allows for the licensing of mobile salons. It means that licensed salons, stylists, and cosmetologists, could take their work on the road. It also could be good news for senior citizens and even brides-to-be.

Dawnette Wessell with Epiphany Salons and the Epiphany Advanced Academy in Traverse City says, “It is service that’s done outside a normal working environment: salon, spa, nail industry. Now they can fill out an application to the state to have a limited license to be able to do that service.”

The House and Senate have worked out the tangles – and the Governor has signed the new law allowing for mobile salons – which would include vehicles specially equipped with cosmetology equipment.

Wessell says, “They can put a salon on wheels. But the owner, of whoever tows the device itself, they need to get an application and fill it out and have that mobile unit licensed.”

It means stylists and cosmetologists can work on-location, and that could really add volume to the wedding industry, according to Jodie Deline, a master eco-stylist at Salon Verve in Traverse City.

“We have a huge bridal industry and only a few people in the area that do weddings because it takes away time in the salon with their regular clients,” Deline says. “We get a very high demand, high-call volume for weddings, and we just don’t have the personnel and staff, as busy as we are, to go out to venues and do hair.”

The law also means that other locations, like wedding venues or nursing homes, could get licenses for stylists and cosmetologists to work on-site.

Wessell says, “I’m going to make it easier for them because I’m going to add it to my service menu. And I’ve been waiting. This is exciting for me because now, Epiphany can go to these places.”

Young brides aren’t the only ones who can benefit. Seniors who need an up-do may find the mobile salon idea gets them out of a hairy situation.

Deline says, “There’s a lot of people in the state of Michigan that are elderly or shut-ins or home-bound. It’s really difficult for them to come in to the salon and finding a hair stylist that will come to the house is very difficult too.”

Lori Wells says the Traverse City Senior Center sees the potential for the new law to get to the root of the issue.

“As you get older it’s hard to be more mobile, transportation becomes an issue,” Wells says. “So anytime we can do anything that makes access to all services better for seniors is a good thing.”

She highlights that hair and makeup are a big part of the way of life for many seniors.

“How you look and how you feel is so much about how you put yourself out there with the people you come into contact with,” Wells says. “So I think it’s important that they look good, they’re going to feel good, and that’s going to shine through.”

Maybe she’s born with it–or maybe it’s the work of a stylist–that could be rolling to you in 2020.