MTM On The Road: New Pizzeria and Pub in Mount Pleasant

Two long-time friends took their love for pizza and for business and built a new dining destination in Mount Pleasant.

Will Baird and Tim Chaffin opened Vin Trofeo’s Pizzeria and Pub in September. Once they secured their building and the business plan, Will and Tim focused on making their pizza perfect with a dough that was authentic but contained minimal ingredients.

After crafting the dough recipe, they moved on to the cheese.

Their cheese consists of a blend of four cheeses: Parmesan, Asiago, mozzarella, and provolone.

But how did the name come to be? Trofeo’s in Italian means trophy and Vin was shortened from Vincitore, which means winner. Both words put together means trophy winner.

“This term seemed to describe exactly the products that we wanted to offer,” Will said.

Some of their most sought after products include pickle pizza, 10 Topping Pizza, The Big Meat Pizza, BBQ Chicken Pizza, Grinders, Breadsticks, Baked Wings, and Gluten Free Crusts.

“We take great pride in making our dough fresh every day, buying fresh vegetables, fresh burger, fresh sausage, fresh chicken and all around fresh ingredients. Our goal is to bring you a product that tastes different, and gives you a sense of emotion when you eat,” Will said.

Learn more about this new food destination with Regan Blissett and photojournalist Stephanie Adkins!

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