Mancelona H.S. Student Advances to U.S Presidential Scholarship Semi-Finals

Every year the U.S Presidential Scholarship is awarded to high school seniors that have demonstrated high academic success and involvement.

This year, a Mancelona High School student made its way to the semi-finals.

Riley Fillmore is one of the country’s most elite students.

She says, “When I was nominated I didn’t think that I would make it this far. And when I got the email I was jumping for joy. “

She just found out that she’s moved on to the next round of one of the most prestigious awards a high school student can get –The U.S Presidential Scholarship.

Her dad, Patrick Fillmore, says “It was awesome when she got the email. We were like holy cow! It’s been pretty cool to have her keep moving on like this.”

Riley is a straight a student with goals of one day becoming a veterinarian.

The scholarship honors students who are high achieving and involved in their community.

She says, “That’s one of the principals that the award is for. Is showing leadership and service to your community.”

At work, she is responsible for tending to the hospital’s animals and making sure everything stays clean.

And when asked what she wants to do after she graduates…

“Well, you’re looking at it. I want to be a veterinarian. Um, I’ve always loved working with animals and being around them. And ya know, animals don’t have a voice. They can’t advocate for themselves, they can’t tell us what’s wrong,” Fillmore says.

Her father says Riley has always been driven.

“She’s worked hard for it. I mean, she goes to the vets every day, she works here, she works well at school with all the straight A’s. Good student, good person,” he says.

Riley owes it all to getting herself out there.

She says “[I] just participated in anything that I can.”

Her dad says, “I hope she gets it.”

The finalists for The U.S Presidential Scholarship will be awarded in May.