Houghton Lake Cautions Riders to Watch for Thin Ice

Tip-Up Town U.S.A has brought many people to Houghton Lake these last two weeks.

Some make it a point to be there because they love the community’s small-town feel.

“I think just the energy and the people, families, the kids running around laughing. It’s a nice family atmosphere,” said festival-goer Kelly Kornelson.

Others come to take advantage of the winter activities but this year’s unpredictable weather has made these activities a challenge.

“Weather is one thing. We got some rain. And then the snow hit real hard,” says MSP Trooper, David Duncan.

The Michigan State Police say the ice on Houghton Lake has proven to be thin in some areas.

In the last two weeks nine snowmobiles, a side-by-side four-wheeler, and a truck have all broken through the ice.

Duncan says that the ice is too thin in spots to support the weight of these vehicles.

“It might look like the ice is frozen over but it’s not completely frozen over.”

Kelly Kornelson and her family have been snowmobiling on the lake.

She says to pay attention to what the ice looks like and that there are ways to tell if the ice is unsafe.

“By the color- the slush,” Kornleson said.

She also says it’s best to go out with people that know where the ice tends to be weakest.

“I follow my husband. You know he’ll point that way- go that way.”

No matter your reasoning to be on the ice, MSP says safety is key.

“If you are to go out to be careful. Stay away from this side- the east side of the lake. For sure, open water,” said Trooper Duncan.

Here is a helpful resource to check before heading out onto the ice. Also, check with local bait shops and the county Sheriff’s office about weather conditions on the lake.