Roscommon Co. Sheriff, Bait Shop Discuss Houghton Lake Safety Ahead of Second Tip-Up Town Weekend

All that rain and these warmer temperatures means law enforcement in Roscommon County will keep a close eye on ice conditions on Houghton Lake.

It’s the second weekend of Tip-Up Town U.S.A. after the first weekend saw nine vehicles break through the ice.

Lyman’s On the Lake owner Kurt Beachnau says checking with a bait shop like his is one of the best ways to know which areas to avoid out on Houghton Lake.

“We have all kinds of friends and customers and the guys that work for me, they all go out there fishing in different areas of the lake and they’re really good about reporting things to us,” Beachnau said.

Roscommon County Sheriff Ed Stern says there’s one spot in the east bay of the lake by Denton Creek that could be dangerous.

“There’s a thin layer of ice on it which can be deceiving to people and that runs about 100 yards out from shore it’s extremely thin and that’s where we had the problems last weekend and like I said historically it’s that same spot every year,” Stern said.

Lyman’s says to avoid those areas and remember other basic ice safety tips.

“This lake is 22,000 acre, there’s probably only about 100 acres in total when you add it all up that you need to avoid, and so that means you have 21,900 acres to play on. Come on up, if you plan accordingly and ask the right questions and do what you can to keep yourself safe we’re here to help, we want people to have fun, we want people to be safe we’d like to see them again next week or next year,” said Beachnau.