Military Personnel From Across the Globe in Northern Michigan for “Winter Strike”

Military personnel from all around the world are in Northern Michigan for a one of a kind training.

It’s called “Northern Strike 2” or Winter Strike.

“This exercise primarily is a chance for my unit to get out and do training with the other services that we work with,” said CPT. Michael Lindow, U.S. Army National Guard.

All five branches of the military are in one place working together. That typically only happens when they’re deployed.

“It really puts an emphasis on the fact that none of our services do it alone, it takes a combine effort to accomplish what we are set out to do,” said CPT. Lindow.

It’s called Northern Strike 2, but these guys call it Winter Strike as they tough it out the cold, January weather at Camp Grayling.

“This type of environment certainly puts stress on not only your weather preparedness, but it also stresses the equipment,” CPT. Lindow said.

Master Sergeant Jamie Predder helped plan the operation.

“It’s quite difficult at times, because we are working with parties all over the U.S.,” MSG. Predder said.

He says this training is crucial.

“It is real world, current training as opposed to doctrinal based training that we do in repetitive training events,” MSG. Predder said. “This is real.”

“Joint exercises are the way of the future,” MSG Predder said. “To have those joint partnerships only makes us that more capable to provide the services that are necessary.”