Loving Your Body Through Anti-Diet Workshop For Women

When it comes to loving our bodies and who we are as people, it can sometimes be tough. We’re often considered our own worst critics and that could lead to detrimental food patterns, negative self-talk and body image disorders.  That’s why two women in Traverse City have come together, each bringing their own professional experience and backgrounds to help empower other women to feel better about themselves.

Erin Goldman and Tara Rybicki have created what’s called, Love Body and want to educate and inform women of all ages about finding the beauty within themselves through healthy eating, physical movement, and self-love. Erin Goldman is a yoga and meditation teacher and Tara Rybicki is a registered dietitian nutritionist.

They’re hosting a workshop called “The Anti-Diet for Joyful Living” on Saturday, February 1st at Table Health in Traverse City. For more information about the Love Body and the upcoming workshop including tickets click here.



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