Limited Edition Purple Potato Chips at the Great Lakes Potato Chip Company

Potatoes come in all different shapes, sizes and apparently colors! The Great Lakes Potato Chip Company in Traverse City revealed in early November that they were offering limited edition Purple Potato Chips. As you can imagine, these bags flew off the shelves. So by popular demand, the company started batch #2 where the four’s Madison Gardner joined them.

These savory snacks are in honor of the company’s 10th anniversary. The purple potatoes come from Michigan State researchers who have spent nearly 20 years perfecting the potato chip.

Production manager Kevin Paveglio said, “Quality product is what we strive for every day and as long as we do that we’re doing a lot of stuff right.”

These chips are not only known for their fun color but the rich antioxidants in each handful.

To get a bag for yourself, click here.


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