Kalkaska Couple Killed in House Fire Tried to Save Pets

A Kalkaska couple died after trying to save pets from their burning home earlier this week.

Almost exactly a day later, a similar situation had a much less tragic ending in Newberry.

In both cases, people ran back into the burning homes to save their pets.

Just after midnight Thursday, fire crews were called out to a home in Kalkaska Township.

Crews were initially told Brian and Sheryl Curry had gotten out of the house safely, but then went back in to try and save their dogs.

When crews arrived, the conditions were too intense to try and enter the home.

They later found the couple’s bodies.

Friday the Kalkaska County Sheriff’s Office and animal control were able to help some surviving animals.

“We were able to go in yesterday afternoon and place the animals that were left at the residence in homes,” says Kalkaska County Sheriff Pat Whiteford. “They obviously were animal lovers, they had goats and horses and a cat that was found after the fire.”

Investigators are still trying to find the cause of the fire.

Sheriff Whiteford believes it was an accident of some kind.