Grand Traverse Health Department Monitors, Prepares for the Coronavirus

We’ve learned health officials here in Michigan are now investigating three potential cases of coronavirus in the state.

So far, the virus has killed 26 people and infected more than 800 in at least nine countries.

Now, the state is testing three people in Washtenaw and Macomb counties downstate for the disease.

The Grand Traverse Health Department says there is no reason for anyone in northern Michigan to panic.

They’d like to add that your chances of getting the flu are way higher than contracting coronavirus.

The three patients with potential cases downstate are being monitored and tested.

All of the cases of coronavirus in the U.S. have been connected to someone’s travel to china.

So if you haven’t been to china or been around someone that’s gone to Wuhan, China they say you’re probably okay.

The Grand Traverse Health Department is monitoring the virus very carefully, though.

“We’re learning more about it daily sometimes hourly it’s an evolving situation that’s common with this situation. There’s already been a couple suspect cases. They’re not in our area, but we know that could happen. We prepared for things like this every day,” said Wendy Hirschenberger from the Grand Traverse Health Department.

It’s presenting itself like a far-more innocuous disease.

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