Boyne City High School Inducts 39th Hall of Fame Member

Kevin Crandell joined the U.S Marine Corps in 1983.

After serving for almost 40 years, the Boyne City Boosters wanted to honor him in a special way.

“It’s just super cool to be able to honor someone who fought for our country and gave us these rights for even students and athletes to be in school today,” said Boyne City High School senior, Katelyn Garbos.

Kevin Crandell’s wife, Shiela Crandell, says, “He just doesn’t understand the impact he makes on people here in Boyne City and abroad.”

Now that Crandell works for the U.S Consulate in Iraq, he wasn’t able to be for the ceremony.

But with special help form the High School’s Visual Imaging program, Crandall got to accept his award live from across the globe.

Garbos also says, “It’s really cool to see someone especially from Boyne City make sure a big impact in our community.”

Crandell’s wife says these moments teach students to follow their dreams.

“Anything’s possible if you put your mind to it, so the sky’s the limit,” Shiela added.

Everyone at Friday’s game got to watch Crandell accept his award.

“Definitely during the ceremony it was a kind of tearjerker. It was really cool to see,” said Garbos.

Crandell’s family says the opportunity to see him live at his alma mater is something they will never forget.