Enbridge Says 200-foot Rod Can’t be Retrieved From Straits

A broken rod lodged in the Straits of Mackinac is larger than what was first reported by the State.

A photo of the 45-foot rod after it was retrieved.

Just last month, Enbridge removed a broken 45-foot-rod.

Last week they reported to the state that the rod is 200 feet long. Enbridge says until then, they has never mentioned the pipe’s length.

Both rods ended up in the Straits this past summer, when Enbridge was performing research for their planned Line 5 tunnel project.

They had a collapse that lodged both rods into the straits.

Enbridge says the 200-foot-long rod cannot be retrieved.

The state says it is talking with experts on how it can be removed.

We have reached out to both the Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy and Enbridge on this issue.

We’re expecting to hear back from them soon and we’ll have that response for you when you join us tonight at 5 and 6.