Leelanau County Road Commission Repairs Roads Damaged by Lake Levels

Leelanau County is working to fix lakeshore erosion.

Right now the road commission is working to repair two patches of road torn apart by rising lake levels.

The road commission is repairing a spot on Lee Point road and another on South Shore Drive, but they need help paying for it.

The Leelanau County Road Commission says they came to an agreement with the Village of Suttons Bay and Suttons Bay Township.

Now, all three of them will split the more than $80,000 bill.

The road commission says it’s important to take care of this now as opposed to later.

“We see the writing on the wall, per say. That there’s going to be more and more of these issues with the rising waters. We want to be more proactive than reactive,” said Justin Kelenske, manager for the Leelanau County Road Commission.

Construction on the two roads has already started.

Depending on weather, construction should be done in about two weeks.