Girl Rescued From St. Marys River by Sugar Island Ferry Crew, Residents

A ferry crew’s quick action saved the life of a teenage girl who fell through the ice in Sault Ste. Marie.

The Sugar Island Ferry crew and residents on board are credited with potentially saving her life.

It happened Tuesday afternoon around 4:30.

Police say the 16-year-old girl was walking on thin ice a couple hundred yards north of the ferry dock at Osborn Park.

That’s where she fell in.

It was on their 4:15 trip to Sugar Island when Captain Dale Rosenbum saw something in the water.

As they got closer, he realized it was a person.

He radioed down to deckhand Phil Roy, who confirmed it was a person.

Then they went into rescue mode.

Roy and Rosebum tell us the Sugar Island residents onboard jumped into action alongside the crew.

They were able to pull the girl on board and get her back ashore to an awaiting ambulance.

But these guys don’t consider themselves heroes.

“I mean, we just did what we had to do, and I hope everybody would do that,” Rosenbum said.

Roy says, “I’m just a guy doing my job, and you know, you see somebody in need whether it’s here, there wherever, I’m just helping somebody out.”

The girl’s mother tells us she is OK, just a little sore with a few cuts and bruises.

9&10’s Xavier Hershovitz is getting ready to sit down with and talk with her.

We’ll have that interview for you when you join us tonight.