City of Cadillac Makes Changes to Recreational, Medical Marijuana Ordinances

The City of Cadillac approved recreational marijuana businesses back in September.

Tuesday night, it made changes to the rules.   

The city commission decided to allow more than one marijuana business in a single property.

This change covers both recreational and medical.

“I think they cleaned it up a little bit. I think the city commission for just jumping into this is actually doing a very good job,” said John Taylor, owner of K-Kind.

Taylor owns K-Kind, a medical and soon-to-be recreational marijuana business out of Kalamazoo, with another location opening in April in Big Rapids.

Now, they’re looking to come into Cadillac.

“It seems that they’ve done their homework. They’ve heard questions from people in the industry and they’ve resolved that,” Taylor said.

The City of Cadillac decided to amend its original ordinance to allow co-location.

This means more than one business can be in the same building or strip mall.

In Taylor’s experience, this is normal.

“I think majority, if not all places, that’s where it happens,” Taylor said.

In addition, the application deadline was extended from Jan. 31 to Feb. 28.

Other businesses in Cadillac are eager for what these marijuana businesses could bring to the community.

“For me, having more foot traffic is most important. You know, the more foot traffic you have, the better off sales are going to be for everyone,” said Kaycie Ramsey, owner of Your Sister’s Closet.

Ramsey says these shops will bring in people from all over.

“If it’s bringing in tax dollars and if it’s bringing in foot traffic that could potentially help out, I think it’s a good deal,” Ramsey said.