Its Girl Scout Cookie Season with Brownie Troop 5074

It’s the start of the Girl Scout cookie season and a time when you can help support some awesome experiences and opportunities for young girls.

Brownie Troop 5074 in Sault Sainte Marie is just one of many troops that will out going door to door, setting up stands, and selling those awesome treats. But beyond the treats, there are lessons learned by the young ladies — to think like entrepreneurs.

“I have a really special group of girls here. They are really empathetic and service driven and they love to help their community. They spend a lot of time on how they will do that with their cookie sales”, said Troop 5074 Leader Brandi Schmitt. “In the past couple of years, they have done over 10 service projects here in our local community. Last year they did a big project that was their own idea to help foster care children. This year they are choosing to help students here at their school that are dealing with food insecurity.”

The focus on five essential skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.

Service Area Cookie Manager Jenni Johnson said, “Each troop pretty much runs their own little business out of their troop for the cookie sales. Running their own business they are learning to make goal settings, decision making, and money management.”

You can order your cookies locally and online by clicking here.

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